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Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's Watch

3 min read

Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's WatchThe Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's Watch lives up to its I-Force designation without compromising style for a superior functionality. Rugged, forceful and with an undeniable presence, it is the perfect watch to go with expensive suits and cool casuals alike.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's Watch is a top choice from the I-Force chronograph collection. Hovering the boundaries between large and oversized, it is a great choice for them with a penchant for larger watches that don’t look awkward irrespective of wrist size.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's Watch is a revolutionary concept, in a way. It popularised the built-on-purpose left-sided placement of crowns and pushers; in other words, ended class antagonisms. The left-side placement is also great for both the skin and the wet suit, in the sense - the protrusions on the watch case don’t bite in, even when your entire palm is bent upwards – say when you are trying to push a great load.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch and its neat retro style allures with an off-beat, extraordinary style that’s ever prepared to handle adverse situations – be it urban by nature or of the outdoors! The expertise and execution in design details as well as case construction is intrinsic to Invicta’s inventive reputation and style.

The Invicta Speedway Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch is fully equipped to suit a diverse range of tastes. Creative articulations come plentiful from different viewpoints and take this meticulous piece of art to new levels to be recognized as the masters of case complications. Exceptional engineering shapes the case utilizing high quality stainless steel; the kind found in most of the high-priced brands. Crafted with rigorous precision and tested to ensure optimum standards, Invicta is one of the most technically capable watch makers in the world. Inside the case, there is a reliable and accurate Japanese quartz movement that has been designed to keep functioning immaculately for decades. The chronograph can measure splits up to 1/10th of a second and measures time for 60 minutes.

The fixed, slim bezel and the prominently textured left side crown stand as its chief aesthetic attractions. On the left side itself are two pushers to operate the chronograph. The dashing black dial in the middle is protected from top with a hardened mineral crystal. The dial layout exhibits a stencilled look with the sub-dial borders set bright against the dark background. There’s no way you can miss a mark! The tachymeter scale is laid out along the chapter ring between the dial and the mineral crystal peripheries.

The Invicta Russian Diver Tachymeter 14956 Men's Watch nurtures a consistent quality and personality all throughout. This well-crafted timepiece holds true to the brand’s prime objective and its brazen journey continues.

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Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch: Charming, Simple, Versatile

3 min read

Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's WatchThe Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch is one of those timepieces that bring together hints of a casual style within a classy demeanour and that is the primary point that makes it work. Forget about being on your toes as you watch time pass by; the controlled laid-back design stops things from turning monotonous. It shows you how smooth sophistication can obtained through modern, utilitarian touches.

The Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch is a proof for fine watch-making at a rock-bottom price for those who doubt it. It proves being dapper has nothing against for being down to earth and secures a firm position between being offensively loud and deliberately understated. That’s to say, it makes possible to appear dressed to kill without deviating from the workplace norms.

The Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch stuns you with its ornate simplicity right off the bat! Creating a subtle contrast between the two halves of the black dial, the signature satin-finished logo comes alive to prominence in both a bold and fun way. It is the kind of prominence that doesn’t hurt the eyes but makes it hard to ignore. It attracts rather than pushing its way to your psyche with all its might!

The Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch shows how subtle touches can bring all the difference amidst an all-black look. It brings the kind of sleekness that imparts a classy edginess while keeping the casual appeal intact! The elements of the Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch mesh beautifully with each other and make the different shades of the monochrome stand out at their own merits! It contributes to the ways the ATLC exhibits its masculine elegance without deviating from its classy feel. The combination of a single colour and a minimalistic design is always sharp and nonchalant!

The details of the Armani Exchange Rose Gold ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch too are undoubtedly classy. The refined shades of black keep things from getting distracting on the face of the watch and accommodate minimum details to bring out the impact, which is a fresh take on a hybrid design that embraces both casual and sleek.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men's Watch is a hardy and resilient piece nonetheless. It’s water resistant till depths of 150 feet (5 ATM) and its mineral crystal dial ensures its unyielding nature to sudden shocks and impacts, making it an ideal choice for the active guy who also gives in to sudden provocations to outdoor activities. With a highly-efficient Japanese-quartz movement ticking inside, there’s no way you’ll find yourself out of time for things you consider to be the best parts of your life!

Check out for more about Mens Digital Watches!

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Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men's Watch

3 min read

Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men's WatchTo give it out straight, this Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated men’s watch relieves you from the tough task of deciding which one should you go for if you are new to the domain of watch complications. Nixon has been a prominent name with a decade-long reputation for superior functionality in the action-sports arena and now, they are stretching to the fashion-zone. The 51-30 (its nickname) signifies the diameter of the watch face (in millimetres) and the 30 is its underwater range (300 meters). Its roots and inspirations come from snowboarding and skateboarding and today, they have come a long way blending the powers of the two!

The Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men's Watch is all about raw steel, hidden well under a cover of smooth rose-gold plating. It brings together brain and brawn and combines the two into an arrangement that equips you for any fun-filled mission within the city or off it.

The Nixon 51-30 chronograph’s crown position is against the norm but that adds to its uniqueness. It is on the left side of the watch along with the pushers; the ensemble adds to comfort and helps avoiding wrist bites. Plus, it plays up the little details the way its user will like it, strengthening further Nixon’s ‘custom-built’ point of view.

The Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men's Watch is the BIG one among the big watches. The 51-30 is quite a show with its 51mm diameter, so unless you have slightly-large to really thick wrists, its sheer size is going to terrify you and it should. Its largeness is ostentatious and demands attention because of a perfectly thought out design. It’s raw, manly steel that ready to go deep and withstand serious punishment in all your adventures, including the aquatic ones.

For those who would like to get a concise list of features:

• A 300-meter waterproof rating; ensures precision and performance under pressure.
• Measures one-tenth of a second; the chronograph is an advanced one.
• Unidirectional steel bezel that works as a countdown timer. Baking or short trips under water, you can use it for both.
• Brushed stainless steel as case and band material and a double-locking clasp ensures maximum durability.

Despite all that, the Nixon Chronograph Rose Gold watch is very much of a daily wear, especially for them into the showbiz. Once you get used to its size and heft – which typically takes a few days - you won’t want to take it off. It feels that good. A real stunner in the big watch market, this is also for the times when you are heading a wedding or a big banquet.

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Casio Edifice Tachymeter EFR-523D-7AV EFR-523D-7A

3 min read

Casio Edifice TachymeterIt has not been much long that Casio decided to focus on men’s fashion. They learnt technology alone doesn’t cut the cake. Unless technology looks good too, it is not going to attract for long. So Casio brought in fashion with the Edifice. The brand’s credibility as one of the top watch makers in the world got reinforced further.

Functionality and an attractive design, Edifice combined the two in the EFR-523D-7AV and experimented with complex, three-dimensional dials and worked out a technical style that made it a worthwhile piece. Its always accurate quartz movement and the tachymeter scale is easy to fall in love with, the white and blue color combination making it fit to be worn almost everywhere.

Casio shifted from its prior philosophy of ‘rugged and durable means digital watches’ and has now gone premium in this sector. Their watch technology now embraces analog, which is the Casio Edifice – a determined line of watches. From the race and spec-ops circuits, they have spread themselves to the business and fashion domains.

The sub-category is based on the idea of a timepiece that will keep functions outside when not needed and into function in moment when there’s a need. This right mix of usage and elegance found form in the Casio Edifice Tachymeter EFR-523D-7AV EFR-523D-7A.

The Casio Edifice Mens Chronograph Watch responds brilliantly to every call for a large variety of options. It is where professional specifications meet business and fashion. An essential accessory that doubles up as a proper fashion wearable, its improved functions now suit the demands for needed accuracy and efficiency as well as an adorable form.

The Casio Edifice Men's Watch belongs to the Active Racing Line and bears the signature racing look that’s both luxurious and substantial. It has a good size, a good weight and is extremely easy to read. The full metal construction captures the essence of the two basic concepts the watch is built upon - Speed and Intelligence, the most crucial factors in motor sports.

So let’s see now what went into this Quartz chronograph. There’s a stopwatch with that can split seconds into 1/20th parts and can measure time till 12 hours. This is the primary attraction of the Casio Edifice Watches; no other analog watch within this price range will offer this intricate a chronograph. The lume is generously applied on the hands and the markers and is quite a bright one that lasts for long, for which, it doesn’t need any prolonged exposure to strong and bright light sources. But above all, it’s the duplex dial layout that gives the face a multilayered appearance while the tachymeter scale is both useful and imparts fullness to the watch-face.

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Luminox Land Recon Point Man 8820 Series A8821KM Men's Watch

3 min read

Luminox Land Recon Point Man 8820 Series A8821KM Men's WatchAn American invention that took form in Swiss hands, the name RECON is short for reconnaissance, or an act of scouting or exploring. The Point Man is the leader of that reconnaissance team. Certainly enough, there’s a need for specific tools for the Point Man, without which, the whole group might be subjected to navigational faults, choosing wrong targets or destinations and the price for such mistakes can go pretty high. However, the Luminox Land Recon Point Man 8820 Series A8821KM comes to rescue. It also lessens the burden of hauling around multiple instruments and provides all information considered important at the flick of a wrist. Crafted as a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment or MOLLE, this Essential Gear’ timepiece is made to serve the military as much as the early morning jogger.

Luminox is the maker of ‘Essential Gear’ timepieces; instruments that are considered indispensable by many of the elite forces around the globe. This includes both military and law enforcement; the Point Man is the first Luminox Sea Colormark Watches in the all-new RECON Series of 2011, which, apart from its primary duty of telling time, also doubles up as a simple and efficient navigational tool on the ground.

The Point Man combines black carbon-reinforced polycarbonate (for the case material) with a black diver-styled, unidirectional bezel; following which, is a compass on a black aluminium ring and a black dial. Altogether, it is very much of a stealth look with high contrast markings; even the countdown quadrant on the dial. Together, they make for some excellent time-manoeuvring. An additional piece of info here: The compass not only helps to find the directions but also helps to establish the position of the wearer. On top of everything, there’s an antireflective sapphire crystal. It is scratch resistant and offers maximum clarity. Powered by a Ronda Discount Luminox Watches movement, we don’t need to speak of precision and reliability.

Among the special features, the tachymeter has been specially created to measure walking speeds. Rest of the tachymeters measure distances and driving speeds of 60 mph/kmph or higher; the Point Man introduces a new concept this way. The specially marked concentric tachymetric scales are useful to calculate average walking speeds; all you need to do is find out the time you need to walk down 50 meters/164 feet and then read the corresponding speed in mph/kmph.

Military operation do not occur under bright chandeliers, so luminosity is an essential factor that makes or breaks a field watch. Luminox Automatic Watches introduces Light Technology, which self-powers the illumination with micro gas tubes. These are mounted on the hands; on the markers and on the bezel, never ceasing even for once. And it will glow that way for the next 25 years.

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Invicta Pro-Diver Quartz Chronograph Silver Dial 0071 Men's Watch

3 min read

Invicta Men's WatchAmidst a plethora of popular, classic dive watches, Invicta procured a safe position for itself just because it delivers professional standard utility without costing like the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster. They are an affordable option for real use and are welcomed by sensible watch lovers who don’t have thousands of dollars to risk.

Invicta, just as it name means, is an invincible watch provided you don’t land it under several thousand pounds of rock. They have been made that way since their first day; the Swiss art of watch making makes itself evident from every aspect in the Invicta. Quality, design and materials – all come together to give the Invicta Sea Spider Skeleton Silver Dial 0071 an uncompromising bold stature.

This particular Invicta is not only a jewel that’s worthy of the deep seas but also a piece that gets into easily several stylistic scenarios. Richly complemented by a high polish, painstakingly carved details and top-end solidity, it’s an assortment of functionality and aesthetics that sends an invite to plunge into the unprecedented deep excursions – in the water or out in the world - without worrying about damaging it under extreme conditions.

The Invicta S1 Rally Automatic Silver Dial 0071 is an all-round watch that’s not just good for the waters but also for the fashion domains. It’s a design to last for decades and give you the freedom to wear any kind of outfit that you may like. Its classy bracelet links in alternative brushed and shining polish and deeply grooved-in, spreading-outward crown makes it fir for some very dressy situations while its bold, sporty look makes it fit the playgrounds with ease. The sturdily built quartz movement also keeps parity with the precision and its external toughness; it has been made to withstand more than a few hard knocks and bumps. If you have an eye for the oversized trend, it will suit your needs in an awesome way. But lovers of moderate sized watches will also like it because of its elegant, classic details and its smooth transition from the case to the band. Together with the luminous hands and markers, which are rather larger than the usual ones, it makes for a good visibility when in the dark.

To end, the Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Quartz Chronograph Silver Dial 0071 is a good option to them who are looking for a more than modest dive watch that also serves their fashion purposes. As much suitable for the desk-diver, it is a good choice for recreational water sports enthusiasts who are not ready to invest heavily on a timepiece that they want to put to use. A great value at a very modest price, its remarkable construction and a reliable quartz movement is all about showcasing some good judgement.

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Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy White Dial MBM3054 Women's Watch

3 min read

Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy White Dial MBM3054 Women's WatchAmong most influential names in the fashion world, Marc Jacobs stands as a prominent one. MJ designs are highly adored by the celebrities and also by the elite. So it goes without saying that Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is a highly acclaimed range of watches among them who like to embody youthful energy within trend-setting designs, incorporating a large range of contemporary materials. They make the Marc by Marc Jacobs a pretty and charming range that has a lot of toughness to fall back upon. But their rugged demeanour and lots of attitude, at the same time, make them very difficult to pigeonhole.

Check out the Amy Bracelet Watch in polished stainless steel from the Blade range, its round silver dial, gem stone hour markers and slender, gold hands leave nothing more to be spoken of its elegant stand! Mark its beauty and fanciness; they make it a dress wear with a sophisticated look that goes well even with casual styled clothes!

The Marc By Marc Jacobs Blade is a go-to watch for the contemporary fashion crowd who are into design-led clothing. At the same time, it also marks the standards for thought-provoking designs.

infused with a pert ambience that’s as cool and intelligent as the crowd who opts for it. It’s because the Amy White Dial MBM3054 is synonymous to quality and an individualistic style and its silhouette is nothing short of inspiring awe. It is sophistication and luxury with a wink, suiting perfectly every cultural and stylistic switch-ons and switch-overs.

Impressive due to its functional, yet beautiful designs and colours, the Amy White Dial focuses heavily on high quality materials as well as details. It’s the dominant theme running throughout; its utilitarian, modern yet classic style draws from a diverse set of design concepts and influences.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs Baker portrays the spirit of the social butterfly and all the necessary coolness that’s associated; it embraces some highly advanced technology within a sophisticated charm. The dichotomy is overwhelming but not the kind that throws you out of balance. Tomboyish, feminine, active, surly and slouchy, whatever your type is, it goes with all your moods. Distinct motifs well define the mindset that goes with each and the best part is: It is not season specific. Innovative and ground-breaking in its every sense, the Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton MBM3054 Women's Watch adds an individualistic, fresh perspective to its wearer. It’s a seriously fun to wear watch that infuses a warm sense of cultural intelligence that stands second to none. Vibrant, fresh, bold and energetic in its truest sense, it’s the spirit of the brand that speaks through the Amy!

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Suunto Vector HR Black Digital SS015301000 Watch

3 min read

Suunto Vector HR Black Digital SS015301000 WatchPeak performances need the peak tool, for at the peak, it’s more than your life that depends on it. It’s your reputation! A mere wrong calculation of height, atmospheric pressure, or direction can bring down instantly what you’ve been building for so many years. You can’t risk that!

Here’s something more to the Suunto Vector HR Black Digital SS015301000 Watch and it’s the heart rate monitor. It’s a necessary piece of tool that informs you about taking responsible decisions when vertical outdoors are where you are at. With the Suunto Vector HR’s large, easy-to-read face displaying crisp readings, you are never to miss any of the useful detail on which your life depends on those moments. That applies more to the training moments.

The Suunto Core Black HR features an altimeter, a barometer, an electronic compass and a heart rate monitor, all in one, relieving you from the burden of carrying the individual equipment and adding to the bulk. Travelling light and easy is the keyword while climbing the heights; this one makes it even easier clinging to your wrist.

While all of us are aware of what the rest three can do, there are a few who wonder how the heart rate monitor fits into the game. Heart-rate measurement is an important part of any sort of extreme activity; it is vital when you're climbing. Heart rates strike the difference between great adventures and unpleasant ordeals, which the Suunto Vector Black can make out. It allows you to set alarms to let know when the heart rate has crossed its mark; a heart rate that climbs faster than the mountain climber is bad; when it’s not, it means your training is not as intense as it is supposed to be. This means, you are not training yourself enough or overtraining, both of which is bad. The right objective measure of physical exertion can be attained through the heart rate monitor and that’s how you take control of your performance.

The Comfort Belt is another remarkable feature of the Suunto Vector Red; the soft textile material has unique traction strips that hold it in its place. This is the best way to eliminate over-tightening and restricting blood flow into your hands. A restricted blood flow brings down the strength and you know what it means if you can’t hold on for the required span. Its thin length-adjustment buckles eliminate the risks of frictions, abrasions and other interrupting factors, thus prolonging your training periods. It’s convenient closing buckle at the front makes reaching for the battery cover key a lot more easy.

So that’s what you get from the leading manufacturer and designer of sports precision instruments and the best part is, you do not need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality!

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Hamilton Ventura Chrono Quartz H24412732

3 min read

Hamilton Ventura  WatchTired of symmetry? Try asymmetrical and there’s none to beat the Hamilton Ventura!

The reason why we don’t get to see the asymmetrical watch cases often is most of the times, they don’t sit well with the public taste. It’s an idea most bands have flirted with most but the promise of consistency varied to great extents. Only Hamilton could pull off with this and created a design icon out of it. The Hamilton Ventura, ever since, became an emblem!

The first time the Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline came out in the market was in 1957 and it created a sensation for being the first electric-powered watch made available for the public. A decade-long research went behind its making; the concept was making a balance wheel sway with help from an integrated coil and two magnets placed inside the movement plate. As soon as the integrated coil moved in between the magnets, the contact springs closed, making a current run through the coil, generating a pulse and a deflection occurred. This powered the movement.

The Hamilton Ventura Classic chrono quartz; however, doesn’t run on that vintage technology. It’s a normal, absolutely perfect and reliable, modern Swiss quartz chrono movement that powers it, but that’s not what got it popular.

Of course, it was not only the movement that made people buy this watch. It was most certainly also the design. Responsible for its futuristic looks was Richard Arbib (ex-General Motors) and Harry Winston from Century Boats; they worked together to create a design that embodied the rapid technological breakthroughs the post-WWII world was getting exposed to. The Ventura was the outcome.

Today’s Ventura is complete in itself and the ,Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview quartz has been described as the Ventura on steroids. It is even more streamlined and sculpted more futuristically into something that’s much more refreshing than its predecessors. But at the same time, it’s faithful to its original 1957 model, complete with digit-markings and embossed rounded points.

This elegant and stylish piece features a precise, battery operated quartz chronograph mechanism and crafted entirely in stainless steel, which adds the sharpness to the triangular watch case, bringing classiness into a very futuristic style. That makes it an excellent timepiece that’s wearable everywhere and in every occasion.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler Watches is a sequel to the original but has enough traits to become a classic on its own. Materials are far better grade this time and the dial, flatter and without the word Electric. Thoroughly modern in design and housing an ETA quartz movement, it is very light on the wrist and has a very good lume, so bright that it makes visible every marking in the dark. A truly iconic watch that glorifies the American sense of design!